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360 Athletics CoreFX Wall Balls

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CORE FX Wall Balls represent the evolution of strength and conditioning medicine ball training. Each CORE FX Wall Ball is designed to stand up to the most hardcore medicine ball workouts. Each medicine ball measures 14″ in diameter so as your progress in your medicine ball training the weight will increase but the size stays the same. You can use the CORE FX Wall Ball for an infinite number of exercises and workouts. It can be used for ordinary medicine ball drills, throwing drills, velocity drills, strength and conditioning drills, slam drills and more!

The CORE FX Wall Ball has been engineered to withstand even the most torturous training sessions. In fact, each medicine ball has a wide array of design enhancements for top performance. Each Wall Ball has a unique combination of fillers to ensure maximum shape retention. The medicine balls also have been designed with ultra-strong panels reinforced with advanced stitching at every seam and a unique grip texture to make sure these medicine balls won’t slip when athletes get sweaty. On top of this, the design of the CORE FX Wall Ball allows it to be slammed on the ground and it has minimal bounce.

Fitness Equipment Features:

  • Revolutionary, soft-filled medicine ball design for the best durability and shape retention
  • 14″ Uniform diameter on all CORE FX Wall Ball medicine balls
  • Ultra-strong panels reinforced with advanced stitching at every seam
  • Specialized panels designed for maximum grip
  • CORE FX Wall Balls can be slammed and have minimal bounce

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