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New Octane Max Trainer MT8000


In response to the incredible demand for the Max Trainer® MTX machine, Octane Fitness presents the MT8000, a premium Max Trainer machine that adds greater variety and intensity to the cardio floor with multiple workouts from steady-state to HIIT. Simple to use and inviting for exercisers of different levels, the total-body MT8000 is the ultimate cross-trainer, with HIIT regimens like the 14-minute Max Interval, along with the goal-oriented Floors program that builds endurance.

Exercisers can capitalize on Octane’s smart console, which delivers engaging, real-time workout feedback in an eye-catching display. The calorie burn meter proves to be an addictive motivator, encouraging exercisers to push to maintain their best effort throughout sweat sessions. And for even more interactivity, users also can access the Internet, stream videos and music and more.

  • MAX 14: 14-minute workout
  • High-velocity fan
  • Dual resistance – fan and magnetic brake
  • MultiGrip handles
  • Fingertip controls
  • 9″ (23cm) stride height
  • Small footprint
  • Smart console
  • Multiple motivational screen options
  • Engaging calorie burn meter
  • Efficient, effective workouts


  • 14-Minute Workout

    Today’s busy exercisers want to maximize ROI in every workout. The MT8000 satisfies with the efficient Max 14 Interval program, where users are challenged with short, high-intensity intervals, followed by brief recovery periods. In just 14 minutes, they can blast calories and burn fat.

    Deliver effective HIIT in a low-impact, total-body format. Plus, benefit from rapid turnover of machines to accommodate even more exercisers during high-traffic times.

  • High-Velocity Fan

    The MT8000’s high-velocity fan, combined with a magnetic brake, yields progressive intensity that enables exercisers to perform leisurely routines or all-out, rigorous sweat sessions. So beginners to athletes can choose their pace and resistance level to customize intensity during every workout. From steady-state cardio to all-out HIIT, this Max Trainer machine yields a wide range of challenges suited to individual preferences.

  • User Experience

    Provide premium interactivity and motivation with Octane’s 10” LCD smart console, which enhances every exercise experience. Users can track their efforts in real-time with the refined calorie meter, which boldly displays calories burned per minute and compels exercisers to achieve more.

    This engaging console also highlights progress in multiple metrics during all programs, so users can maximize their efforts to drive better results. Beyond continual workout feedback, this 10-inch LCD touch screen features an internet browser for entertainment, mobile device charging, a fan and more.

  • MultiGrip Handlebars

    Octane’s signature MultiGrip handlebars are thoughtfully designed so that exercisers of different sizes can better emphasize different muscle groups – such as the chest, back, shoulders, and arms – and benefit from natural motion, variety and custom comfort.

    Featuring fingertip controls on the handlebars, users easily can adjust resistance at any time during workouts, without having to move their hands or miss a beat.

  • Durability

    Built with Octane’s trademark durability for long-lasting commercial usage, day in and day out, the MT8000 is a rock-solid addition to cardio floors, featuring a compact, heavy-duty frame, reliable operation and minimal maintenance.

    Rest assured: like every Octane machine in health clubs worldwide, the MT8000 this machine is designed to perform just as hard as its users.

  • 14-Minute Workout

    Workouts now are all about efficiency, making every muscle move and every minute count. Here, the Max 14 Interval routine offers HIIT in an efficient 14 minutes. In exchange, exercisers burn calories burned and blast fat – and gain major bragging rights!

    With an intuitive motion, the beauty of the low-impact MT8000 is that it is fun, effective and great for beginners to committed exercisers.

  • Calorie Meter

    Up-to-the second feedback on calories burned per minute keeps exercisers constantly moving and motivated throughout sweat sessions. Boasting a refined design, this calorie meter shows a user’s best sprint effort as an extra incentive to hit that maximum output again and again – for every-minute-counts, productive HIIT regimens.

  • Minimum Time - Maximum Results

    When it comes to exceptional efficiency and effectiveness in workouts, HIIT delivers. This interval training format is incredibly popular because it works and produces results. Deliver what exercisers want – fast workouts that provide ROI – and maximize machine availability on the cardio floor to accommodate more members.

  • Smart console technology

    Octane’s premium smart console delivers the ultimate exercise experience, where users can keep a close eye on their workout feedback, surf the Internet, access applications and stream video – all on an easy-to-use, inviting 10” LCD touchscreen.

  • Calorie Meter

    For superior motivation, the dynamic new calorie meter offers instant details on calories burned per minute, automatically encouraging exercisers to continually push themselves to accomplish even more. By constantly displaying a user’s best output during a workout, this addictive tool drives greater effort and maximizes intensity – ultimately for better results in steady-state or HIIT sessions.

  • Floors Program

    Here’s a chance to climb the Empire State Building – over and over again. Give exercisers a goal and the reward of accomplishment with the Floors program. Users simply select from 100-1000 floors and immediately get to work.

    The console displays progress, and for every 100 floors, exercisers get credit for one complete Empire State Building climbed. They can watch as they earn credit for each floor, with stats constantly provided for total floors climbed, floors/minute pace and the total number of buildings conquered!

  • Asset Management

    Provided by EcoFit Networks, Octane’s asset management measures and shares valuable data from its cardio machines that club owners can routinely review to ensure proper equipment placement, equal usage, timely preventive maintenance and minimal downtime with service needs. Asset management is a great tool to maximize the life of commercial cardio equipment.

  • Entertainment

    It’s no surprise that exercisers require interactivity and entertainment during cardio workouts, which can help increase adherence, results and retention. Octane’s smart console fully equips them to engage in multiple ways, including Internet surfing, web video streaming and web applications.

    Even more, adding an optional personal viewing screen or a 900 Mhz wireless receiver provides a multitude of television and entertainment selections in a fully integrated solution with keypad controls that delivers superior custom entertainment.

  • MMA

    Mixed Martial Arts, or MMA, is one of the hottest sports worldwide. Now exercisers can test their skills in Octane’s unique regimen that mimics rigorous training routines like those used by a fighter in the cage.

    With built-in flexibility to meet each fighter’s individual needs, the MMA program demands effort and motivates as the machine “fights back.” In this battle of strength and power, exercisers are challenged to “punch and move” and “throw it” for an immersive and competitive regimen.

  • 30:30 Interval Program

    Only available on Octane Fitness machines, this innovative workout motivates and challenges exercisers of all abilities to boost their cardiovascular performance.

    Designed by Paul Robbins, the 30:30 Interval program is comprised of a series of heart-pumping intervals, followed by recovery and then repetition. The program measures heart rate recovery time, which is a strong indicator of cardiovascular fitness. This workout is a convenient way to establish a fitness baseline and continually measure improvements in fitness over time.