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Precor DPL0311 Incline Lever Row

The chest pad, non-skid foot plate, and oversize roller pads featured on the Discovery™ Series Incline Lever Row stabilize and support the user during the exercise. Dual position handles allow users to fine-tune the exercise position, enhancing the workout.


  • Movement Arm Geometry

    Precise positioning of the movement arm pivot and handles places the user in the optimal position to effectively work major muscles of the upper back in the most effective manner.

  • Chest Pad

    The chest pad provides upper body stability and comfort, enhancing the effective load challenging the back muscles.

  • Roller Pads and Foot Plate

    Large, oversize roller pads on the foot catch and the non-skid foot plate enhance lower body comfort and stability, allowing the user to maintain positioning throughout the exercise.

Equipment Features

  • Rubber Feet

    Rubber foot pads are standard, provide product stability and help to prevent product movement.

  • Adjustments


  • Instructional Placard

    Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify.

  • Frame and Finish

    Oversized 4×2-inch frames are 11 and 8-gauge steel and welded in all structural areas. Powder coated frames.

  • Bolt Down Capability


Equipment Specifications

  • Maximum User Weight

    350 lb / 159 kg

  • Grip Diameter

    1.25 in (31.75 mm)

  • Standard Upholstery Colors

    All Spice
    American Beauty
    Blue Jay
    Deep Clay
    Hunter Green
    New Purple
    Regal Blue

  • Standard Frame / Movement Arm or Carriage Colors

    Frame: Gloss Metallic Silver Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Black Pearl Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Black Magic Gloss Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Gloss White Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Metallic Ash Movement Arm: Gloss Metallic Silver
    Frame: Desert Bronze Movement Arm: Gloss Metallic Silver

  • Max Load Weight

    280 lb (127 kg)

  • Starting Weight

    40 lb (18 kg)

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

  • Length

    75 inches / 190.5 cm

  • Width

    39 inches / 98 cm

  • Equipment Weight

    191 lb / 87 kg

  • Height

    47.5 inches / 120.5 cm

Shipping Dimensions and Weight

  • Length

    Box 1= 49 inches / 123.5 cm

  • Width

    Box 1= 43 inches / 108.5 cm

  • Height

    Box 1= 20 inches / 50 cm

  • Shipping Weight

    226 lb / 103 kg

  • Length 2

    Box 2 = 19 inches / 48.5 cm

  • Width 2

    Box 2 = 10 inches / 25.5 cm

  • Height 2

    Box 2 = 11 inches / 28 cm