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Precor DPL0561 Leg Curl

The innovative, adjustment-free design of the Discovery™ Series Plate Loaded Leg Curl allows the user to easily move from right to left leg without any adjustments. The kneeling configuration creates a superior movement with smooth feel and enhanced muscle recruitment.


  • Effective User Position

    Resistance strength curves are tailored to match the body’s natural force curves, providing the most effective load during the exercise.

  • Independent Movement

    Movement arms allow for user to improve muscle balance through focused engagement of each leg, minimizing compensation of weaker muscles.

  • Intuitive Strength Building

    The leg curl is easy to set up with minimal adjustments, making it a quick machine to get in and use.

Equipment Features

  • Frame and Finish

    Oversized 4×2-inch frames are 11 and 8-gauge steel and welded in all structural areas. Powder coated frames.

  • Instructional Placard

    Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify. QR codes provide quick and easy video instruction from your smart phone.

  • Bolt Down Capability


Equipment Specifications

  • Grip Diameter

    1.25 inches / 32 cm

  • Standard Upholstery Colors

    All Spice
    American Beauty
    Blue Jay
    Deep Clay
    Hunter Green
    New Purple
    Regal Blue

  • Standard Frame / Movement Arm or Carriage Colors

    Frame: Gloss Metallic Silver Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Black Pearl Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Black Magic Gloss Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Gloss White Movement Arm: Metallic Ash
    Frame: Metallic Ash Movement Arm: Gloss Metallic Silver
    Frame: Desert Bronze Movement Arm: Gloss Metallic Silver

  • Weight Storage Horns

    Six Storage horns at 10 in / 25 cm length each (three per side)

  • Max Load Weight

    180 lbs / 82 kg

  • Starting Weight

    11 lbs / 5 kg

Equipment Dimensions and Weight

  • Length

    48 inches / 122 cm

  • Width

    66 inches / 167 cm

  • Height

    55 inches / 140 cm