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TRX HOME Suspension Trainer

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TRX HOME gives you everything you need to build a better body at home – or on the go.

With a TRX HOME Suspension Trainer and anchor, a workout guide plus six bonus workouts — in 15 and 30-minute sessions — the TRX HOME Kit allows you to get the professional results you want – on your schedule.

  • Workout using just your body weight.
  • Build lean muscle and burn fat.
  • Strengthen your chest and arms.
  • Increase flexibility and endurance.
  • Develop and maintain a rock-solid core.

Download the TRX App!  Inlcudes Exercise Instruction Videos, Free Workouts, and Set-Up instructions.

TRX Apple Store  TRX Google Play App

TRX X-Mount
TRX Door Anchor (Included in Home Kit)
TRX Xtender