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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-PP-T-TOUCHXL

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-P-T-TOUCHXL

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-E-T-TOUCHXL

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-L-T-TOUCHXL

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-PP-T-TOUCH

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-P-T-TOUCH

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-E-T-TOUCH

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-L-T-TOUCH

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-PP-T-PLED

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Matrix Fitness | SKU# MX-KIT-P-T-PLED

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True Fitness | SKU# 1000108

True M50 Treadmill
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Commercial Treadmill

Canada’s Best Commercial Treadmills

For years treadmills have been a top choice in fitness equipment for cardiovascular exercise in a commercial fitness facility. There are many types of treadmills on the market today such as folding treadmills built with a space saving design, Manual curved treadmills which provide a smooth reliable feel that is great for H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts and finally traditional fixed frame designs. Fitness Experience has a team of Commercial Account Managers that are experts in the needs of a Commercial fitness facility.

Which Commercial Treadmill Is Right For Your Facility?

There are many types of treadmills on the market today. Determining the treadmills that will be right your your fitness facility, or gym will depend on many factors, such as number of members, intensity of use and demographic.

Matrix Fitness offers a great variety of commercial treadmills and has a great system to pick the frame and console that works best for you. The series options are Performance Plus, Performance, Endurance and Lifestyle. All four series are rated for commercial facilities and have the option of five different consoles ranging from basic to fully interactive.

If you think your members would benefit from a more interactive treadmill experience Matrix treadmills come equipped with features such as iFit and virtual active. These experiences allow your members to take part in interactive trail runs, fitness classes, live workouts and more.

Why Choose Fitness Experience For Commercial Treadmills in Canada

Fitness Experience since 1992 has been building partnerships with our suppliers to be a top provider of treadmills in Canada.  We work closely with some of the industries top treadmill brands including Matrix Fitness, Precor Fitness, Horizon Fitness, True Fitness, Assault Fitness, Life Fitness and more. In a commercial facility we know that durability and member satisfaction is at the top of your list.

At Fitness Experience our team of fitness experts have hand picked a selection of treadmills from the industries top brands to provide you the treadmill user with the comfort of knowing you have received the best quality treadmill possible no matter your price range. 

Fitness Experience is also proud to service and maintenance service on all treadmills. Treadmill maintenance is an important part of treadmill ownership. In general treadmill maintenance is quite simple, one of the most important steps being treadmill lubrication. 

What Types Of Fitness Facilities Need A Commercial Treadmill

No matter who you ask, they'll tell you a treadmill is a staple piece of cardio equipment in any type of gym and while other forms of cardio are growing in popularity, I don't think treadmills are going anywhere. Whether you have a personal training studio, member based gym, corporate gym, hotel gym or a school for your students and staff, the treadmill will always be a popular machine.

Matrix Fitness Treadmills

We love all the brands we carry and are committed to finding the best fit for your gym, but we've particularly seen great success and satisfaction from both gym owners and gym-goers with the Matrix Fitness lineup. Matrix Fitness has a wide range of commercial cardio and strength equipment. They offer a variety of options and series depending on what kind of facility you have, not to mention industry leading innovation and that premium look that facility's desire.

Performance Plus Treadmill

If you are looking for the most premium treadmill on the market, the Matrix Performance Plus Treadmill is the way to go. This exceptional treadmill sets a new standard with a shock-absorbing slat-belt and a high-efficiency drive that make even the most intense runs feel comfortable, solid and smooth, lasting up to 100,000 miles in the most intense environments. Despite this incredible evolution of technology, service and maintenance have never been easier.

Treadmill Consoles

Consoles are one of the biggest visual separators when it comes to treadmills, ranging from a basic touch and go design to a full immersive experience where you can be running through your favorite hiking trail. A very popular immersive option is getting an ifit subscription, which is available on Matrix Fitness treadmills.

Every treadmill will come with a very basic set of programs with built in workouts, but some members may prefer more advanced features. This decision really comes down to your demographic and your budget. A simple treadmill console with a start button and adjustment keys will be more cost effective than a fully equipped touch screen. In addition, depending on your demographic, your members may want something more simple, or they may want workout tracking options. Many treadmills these days come with Bluetooth connectivity, which opens up a whole world of options, such as app connectivity, better workout tracking and overall a more immersive workout experience . Connecting through a Bluetooth chest strap will also be an option.

Treadmill Maintenance

Regular treadmill maintenance is important in any case, but especially in a commercial gym setting where the treadmills see more use than an in home treadmill. Lubrication of the running deck is very important for treadmill maintenance, as well as running deck alignment. Fitness Experience has their very own in house service department, which makes repairing and maintaining your treadmills and all kind of fitness equipment super easy. Give yourself peace of mind with a Preventative Maintenance Plan, which helps us maintain treadmills on a regular basis and prevent costly repairs. Facilities can choose a 12 month period, or an ongoing option, which does not require annual renewals. Preventative maintenance visit fees are explicitly listed in your contract, making it easy for gym managers to budget. Our service department can also help with equipment diagnosis, part installations, repairs, service education, equipment usage reports and relocations.

Heart Rate Monitoring

If heart rate monitoring is important to you and your members, many treadmills have heart rate sensors on the railings, or have the option to connect through a chest strap.

What Should I Consider About The Running Surface?

Each treadmill comes with a suspension system to provide for safety and comfort. The type of suspension system you need will depend on the type of user. For example, someone that runs outside a lot may want to choose a stiffer running deck to emulate what it feels like to actually run outside. Someone that has joint issues may want a softer suspension system to provide that extra comfort and safety. If users require additional cushioning some treadmills have an adjustable suspension system, while others have an orthopedic belt design. Generally speaking, a fitness facility will have many different types of users utilizing a treadmill, but if you know your members are running outside a lot, for example you may consider the treadmill deck more. In terms of size of the running surface, typically commercial treadmills have larger running surfaces of 22" x 60" or more.

Running Deck Cushioning

Treadmills that have a running deck with shock absorption are a great option for people with joint issues. Picture a running deck with shock absorption like putting insoles in your shoes. These types of running decks provide extra support. Many of these cushioning systems can be compared to the cushion flex whisper deck. The only downside to this type of treadmill, is if you run outside a lot the contrast from training on this type of treadmill to the concrete can be tough for your body to adjust to. Some treadmills will have the benefits of an adjustable cushioning system. This is ideal for users that have different needs, or if you are planning on training outside you can start to transition to a harder deck closer to the summer months.


The size of the running surface will vary between treadmills. It's important to consider whether you'll be walking or running on the treadmill, as well as the user's height. If you're using the treadmill to run or if you're taller user you'll have a longer stride length, which makes it more important to have a longer running surface. If you're walking your stride length is shorter, therefore a shorter running surface would suffice. The width of the running surface will also vary, with common sizes being 20-22 inches. The width of the running surface is particularly important for users that are running, however a wider running surface can make for a more comfortable workout for all types of users. In terms of spacing out treadmills for your facility, it's important to have enough space between the treadmill machines and behind to safely get on and off. Sizing and spacing can be discussed with your Commercial Account Manager and we can even draw up a 3D floor plan, to ensure everything will fit properly.

Motor Size

Motors play a big role in every treadmill. While the motor size will vary from machine to machine, you want to ensure that for a good in home use treadmill you're looking for a motor between 2.5 and 3 horsepower, with some Motors going even greater than that. One very important factor to consider is that you want to make sure that the motor uses continuous horsepower or CHP rather than peak horsepower. This will ensure that your motor can endure multiple users and many uses.

Top Speed Range And Incline Range

Most home treadmills will have a speed range starting at 0.5 or 1 MPH with a top speed of 12MPH. Most treadmills should be able to switch to KM/H if that is preferred. A common incline range is 0%-15%, but more expensive treadmills will have a negative incline as well.