The Evergreen Lease Program was created as a way to help our customers reduce their monthly expenses and eliminate the high service costs normally associated with the purchase of fitness equipment. Leasing is a great way to keep your equipment fresh and to keep up with current trends in the industry!

New equipment encourages membership retention which translates into higher and more consistent membership income. Consistent membership helps gym owners gauge cash flow, and enables you to better predict and manage the high and low income periods of the industry.

The Evergreen program is reserved for only the most popular brands in the industry. Using the Evergreen program extends the parts warranties, which covers the life of the lease. The complete life of the lease is 3 years at which time owners give back the equipment and outfit their facility with all the state-of-the-art machines. This translates into new members and higher retention levels! After all, who doesn’t like the smell of clean new machines? Plus, members will have a renewed interest, by using brand new types of equipment.

Happy members are the best form of advertising!


    • Lower Monthly payments than lease to own.
    • Eliminates high service costs normally incurred after warranties run out.
    • Keeps facility up to date with current fitness trends
    • Keeps equipment fresh, clean and new looking
    • Renewed equipment drives high member interest
    • Lowers maintenance costs because new machines tend to have less issues
    • Encourages more consistent cash flow
    • Allows businesses to start small and naturally build through membership by keeping start-up costs low.

Note: Does not apply to soft goods. Soft goods can be worked out as a lease to own if amount is over $3500.00 and under 25% of total lease.