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Commercial spin bike

Spin bike

Spin bikes are great form of cardio that are designed to feel like a traditional road bike. They have a very small footprint and require little maintenance in comparison to other forms of cardio. Spin bikes have become very popular in Group fitness settings, with the popularity of spin classes booming. A spin bike is a staple in any type of gym and Fitness Experience is committed to finding the right commercial spin bike for your commercial gym.

Why Buy A Commercial Spin Bike from Fitness Experience?

Fitness experience is your leader in Canada for stationary bikes and all types of fitness equipment. Whether you shop online or in person, our knowledgeable staff is up to date on the most popular brands in Canada. We will find the right exercise bike at the right price point for your commercial gym. In commercial gyms there are many factors to consider when purchasing a commercial spin bike. Commercial grade equipment will ensure that your new investment will last for many years. Commercial grade fitness equipment ranges from light commercial fitness equipment, suitable for lower use facilities to high use commercial fitness equipment, suitable for 24 hour membership based gyms. Our team of commercial account managers are committed to finding the best indoor cycle machines to best fit your facility. Afterall, no gym is the same, which is why we have a variety of brands, series and price points to choose from.

How Will You Utilize Your Commercial Indoor Cycle In Your Gym?

This is an important question to ask yourself prior to deciding which indoor cycle is best for your facility. Some commercial gyms may just need a couple indoor cycles to complete their cardio line ups, whereas others may desire a full spin studio with over 20 commercial spin bikes and the need for connectivity.


The two main types of resistance systems for spin bikes are friction based and magnetic based.

Friction based bikes have a leather or felt break pad that applies pressure to the top of the flywheel in order to create resistance. To understand how this type of indoor exercise bike operates, we first need to understand what friction is. Friction is the resistance that is felt when attempting to slide two objects past one another. In an exercise bike, friction resistance occurs when fabric pads apply pressure to the spinning flywheel. These pads can either be located on each side of the flywheel and squeeze the flywheel when the resistance knob is turned to the right or include one larger pad that applies pressure in a downward motion to the turning flywheel. The pads are usually made of fabric, either cotton or leather.

Spin bikes with a magnetic resistance system move a magnet closer to the flywheel in order to create more resistance without actually making any contact. As more bike designs are including magnetic resistance, it is crucial to understand what magnetic resistance is and how it works. For magnetic resistance to occur, a few things need to happen, and as you can guess, this process includes magnets. A standard design contains two powerful magnets located parallel to one another with the flywheel between them. Different exercise bikes with magnetic resistance levels will vary in the amount of magnets are on the bike. The more magnets, the more powerful and smooth it will be. Generally, users describe a magnetic based spin bike giving a very smooth ride.

Both types of spin bikes are very common, however magnetic resistance systems tend to provide a more smooth ride, especially if you desire to get up to high resistance levels, but there are still very well built, smooth friction-based commercial spin bikes on the market as well.


Some of the most common questions we get from customers that have done a little bit of research online are regarding the weight of the flywheel. It's important to know that for a magnetic resistance system the weight of the flywheel is much less move factor, however it is true that in any spin bike the heavier the flywheel is the more inertia is created and therefore will provide a more smooth feel. Another difference between spin bikes regarding the flywheel is that some flywheels will be located at the front of the bike, whereas others will have it located at the back. This is important because it will change the feel of the bike a little bit. For example, a bike that has a flywheel located at the front as you adjust the handlebars up it will most likely move closer towards you.

A spin bike that has the flywheel located at the back as you adjust the handlebars up will actually get further away from you.



Overall spin bikes require very little maintenance. If you have a friction based spin bike with a leather brake pad you will need to lubricate it from time to time. If you have a friction based spin like with a felt pad you will need to replace it eventually. Generally speaking, magnetic resistance bikes will require less maintenance and with any spin bike it's important to keep the bike and the area around the bike clean. In a commercial facility, cardio machines will require more frequent maintenance than in a home gym setting. Our service team can help with setting up preventative maintenance appointments, in order to keep your commercial spin bikes in tip top shape for as long as possible.


 Spin bikes can be used for a range of cardio training from long distance to intervals. The great thing about doing interval training on a spin bike is that you can very quickly adjust the resistance up and down. This feature is great for high intensity interval training. A spin bike can be used for long distance training, or serve as a warm up to increase your heart rate prior to your workout. Cycling is a very popular summer activity and this is a great way to maintain your health and fitness while staying indoor. Spin bikes are very popular. The outdoor cyclist will be excited to see a good spin bike option in a gym, but even those that don't cycle outdoors will use this piece of equipment for warm ups and cardio training. Commercia spin bikes are inviting and simple to use.


Some spin bikes come with a console built-in whereas others will have the option to add a console. Most spin bike consoles provide very basic feedback, such as time calories burned and distance. There are some bikes that have immersive consoles with fitness class video built in. Some consoles will be an LCD display, while some will have a larger screen. If the bike you're looking at does not have the option to add a console, you can look at app options. A spin bike app can be a great way to get all the same benefits of having an immersive console for a fraction of the price, or your facility may have their own app built that you'd like to connect. Matrix Fitness also has a great variety of commercial grade indoor cycles that are designed for group fitness classes.


If you are looking for a certain type of pedal, such as a clip in pedal or a wider seat it is possible to change out those features, it's just a matter of finding a product that fits properly in the bike that you purchased. If you're looking for something with a more comfortable seat, an upright bike may be the better option for your cycling workout.


Some spin bikes will have four way adjustments where you can adjust the seat and the handlebars forward, back, up and down. Some spin bikes however, won't have the option to move the handlebars forward and back. An adjustable seat should be a feature on every spin bike.

1) Prior to getting on the bike a good marker to start at is to put the seat at hip height.

2) As you start to pedal you want to make sure that you have a slight bend in your knee.

3)After proper seat height is determined to get proper positioning forward and aft place the pedals horizontally. Then from the front of your knee on your forward leg to the center of the pedal should be a vertical line.

4) In terms of the handlebars, it's typically most comfortable to have them as high an is close to you as possible, however this will change depending on what type of workout you're doing and depending on your personal preference. 

Heart Rate Monitoring

A spin bike will most likely have an option for heart rate monitoring. It will either have heart rate sensors on the handle bars, or be able to connect to a chest strap. Monitoring your heart rate can be a helpful way to track your health and effectiveness of the workout.


Fitness Experience is your one stop shop in Canada for purchasing a spin bike. In addition to your spin bike purchase, we can assist you with any other workout equipment. Your health and safety is our first priority and we want to make sure we find the workout equipment that best suits you.