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Commercial Rowing Machine

About Rowing Machines

Indoor rowing machines have gained popularity over the past few years, becoming a staple in many commercial gyms. Commercial rowing machines provide a great cardiovascular workout while focusing on strengthening many different muscle groups, as well as offering a low impact cardio option for your members and clients.

Why Choose A Commercial Rowing Machine From Fitness Experience

Fitness Experience has partnered with industry leaders in rower design in Canada to provide our customers with nothing but the best indoor rowing options. Our team of commercial account managers have extensive experience in choosing commercial fitness equipment for a wide range of fitness facilities. They can help identify whether a rowing machine would be a good fit in your facility and if so, what brand and make would be suitable. Commercial grade fitness equipment is important in high use gyms in order to ensure the equipment will continue working for years to come.

So, Why Choose A Rowing Machine For Your Facility? 

Indoor rowers provide a great full body workout, targeting your upper body, lower body and core.  It is one of the most complete, full body workouts that a person can do, all while being a great low impact form of exercise. Furthermore, indoor rowers require little maintenance and have the ability to easily store. These features make indoor rowers a great option to add to any gym. In addition, rowing machines have become a very popular form of cardio and sometimes are even used in group fitness classes. Offering the latest and greatest fitness equipment will help with acquiring and retaining members. There are a few different types of rowing machines, such as magnetic rowing, water rowing and rowers that are air or fan based. No matter which types of rower you choose, your clients and members will love having commercial rowing machines as an option.

Magnetic Resistance

Matrix Fitness offers a great magnetic resistance commercial rowing machine. Features include aluminum flywheel; 10 magnetic resistance settings; adjustable, backlit console; program quick keys; ergonomic seat with lock; comfortable, reinforced handle; reinforced aluminum rail; low-maintenance cord; and compact footprint that stands vertically and rolls for storage convenience. Magnetic based rowers are very smooth and quiet. Matrix Fitness makes a wide variety of commercial grade fitness equipment that is durable, trusted and loved by members. Matrix Fitness rowers also have a variety of console and connectivity options.

Water-based designs

Water-based designs provide a smooth feel that resembles rowing on the water. Water rowing does not typically have an adjustable resistance system. Instead, the user will dictate the amount of resistance by rowing faster and with more intensity, just like if you were rowing on the water. Some people desire to have an adjustable resistance system, but once you try water rowing I think you'll find it very smooth and once you increase your intensity, the resistance increases pretty quickly. WaterRowers are great for storage. They are light weight and easy to store upright. If you're interested in a water based rower, we recommend looking at the brand WaterRower. They have many different models to choose from. The basic model will come with a console that will display time, distance and calories burned. WaterRower also has a variety of accessories at a very reasonable price, including bluetooth modules, more advanced display, tablet holders for personal digital devices and more. The bluetooth module is a great option to transform your rowing machine into a connected rowing machine.

Here at Fitness Experience our favourite water-based rowers are by WaterRower. WaterRower combines all the benefits of a water-based rower with a stunning aesthetic. Most WaterRowers have a wood frame, available in multiple stain choices to match the aesthetic of your facility. 

Fan or Air Based Designs

Fan-based rowers are durable and smooth oftentimes with the option to increase resistance through a damper, or with a magnetic resistance system. Magnetic rowing is another very popular form of rowing. These rowing machines will often have an adjustable resistance system. A rowing machine, such as the Echelon rower allows you to adjust the resistance on the handlebars, whereas others like the Concept2 have the adjustments near the fan. Much like water based rowers, these machines will come with basic consoles and will display time, distance and calories burned. The Concept2 rowing machine has a limited amount of games on the console, which are a fun addition.

A top pick for fan-based rowers is the Concept2 RowErg (formerly the Model D). Concept2 has been a leader in rower design for many years, making them a trusted  brand by home and commercial users.

While there are other types of rowers on the market, we find fan based and water based to be the most popular machine designs for in home use.


Ski-Ergs & Multi-Use units

Another product on the market that uses similar design and components is a skiing ergometer. Much like rowers, skiing ergometers are designed to provide a great full body workout.

One example of a skiing ergometer is the Ski-Row by EnergyFit, which combines a rowing machine with a skiing ergometer. The versatility of this machine provides users with many more workout options, without taking up any additional space. 


Whether you are on a rower for three minutes or thirty minutes, you are getting a great full body workout! Rowing targets many muscle groups in the body: your upper back, arms, shoulders, quadriceps, glutes and abdominal muscles. Some users may use rowers for high intensity interval training, while others may use it for a long-distance row. Your rower should come with a console that provides basic feedback, such as calories, distance and time. In addition, most rowers will have the ability to pre-set interval programs, or have a distance-based goal if you prefer having that extra push.

Rowing is a uniquely challenging, dynamic workout that helps build both strength, muscle and endurance. Commercial rowing machines have become popular in group fitness classes as well.


If you are concerned about the noise level of your rower, we recommend looking at a water based or magnetic based design, as these are the types of rowers that provide the quietest workout. It's important to note that if there are many rowing machines in your gym the noise factor could be very important to consider.


Indoor rowers are long by design in order to accommodate taller users. Most rowers will have the option to either store upright, split into two pieces, or sometimes even fold. Storage of a water based rower will be a little easier than the storage of a fan based rower. Typically it's not advised to have the fan sitting in an upright position. The weight of the machine will also dictate how easily it is stored. Most rowers weight under 100 pounds. Generally speaking, larger gyms will have their cardio equipment set in one spot, but if you need to make your space multi-functional having the option to store upright or wheel away is a great option.


Overall indoor rowers require very little maintenance, however here a few things you'll want to consider.

If you have a water-based design, you will need to put in chlorine purification tablets every few months. It is quite simple; you just drop in the tablet and start rowing.

If your rower uses a chain, like many fan base designs it is recommended that you lubricate the chain every few months. Finally, as with any piece of fitness equipment it is important to keep the machine as clean and if possible, wipe down after every use.

All commercial grade equipment will require more regular maintenance than rowing machines for home use, due to their increased level of use. Fitness Experience has their very own service department that can help with repairs and servicing your cardio equipment. We highly recommend setting up a preventative maintenance program to help keep your new fitness equipment in great working condition.