EFG "The Beast" 120lb Sandbag




The EFG Beast model, appropriately named for its ability to handle 120lbs of dead weight,features a full length, built-in zipper cover and a handle configuration that is unique to the Beast.

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EFG "The Beast" 120lb Sandbag
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    This bag is ideal for anyone who wants to increase their grip strength, do body drags, suplex movements, heavy bag carries, etc. Our Beast model is the bag chosen by Police, RCMP, MMA fighters, Cross Fit, Firefighters, Canadian Armed Forces as well as individual users, personal trainers and more.

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    Measures 33” long, 14” round Adjustable from 30 Lbs – 120 Lbs The BEAST, appropriately named for its extra-large body size and its ability to carry 120 lbs of dead weight, was specifically designed for those who want to take their fitness training and their job training, to the next level. The Curl handles are designed to fully rotate around the handle webbing to help eliminate the risk of injury to the hands and wrists from repetitive motion while training and the 2 - 2′′ padded Neutral handles are fixed for control and padded for comfort while training. The 2 unique End handles are designed purely to increase grip strength. The BEAST is perfect for body drags, supplex movements, heavy bag carries, cleans, walking lunges, and more. Having the ability to adjust the BEAST in 30 Lb increments when you’re lifting heavy is a must and gives you the ability to train and build up your strength. The BEAST Sandbag is chosen by Police, RCMP, Firefighters, military, MMA, CrossFit and OCR Competitors.


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