Cannon Ball Grips - Pair

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Grip strength is often overlooked in strength training, but it is a critical aspect to increase performance of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Body-Solid's new upgraded BSTCB Cannonball Grips provide several ways to increase grip strength. Attach them to a pull up bar and you can perform pull-ups and chin-ups focusing on grip strength. Users can also link them to dumbbells or barbells and perform lifts and other exercises again focusing on grip strength.

Product Details

  • + - Description

    The BSTCB feature a non-slip matte red paint finish and a strong nylon strap to fit any chin bar, Olympic bar, or dumbbell. For added safety, stability and customization, the BSTCB Cannonball Grips come with a newly-upgraded strong, sturdy carabiner attachment which allow users to swap the BSTCB with other Body-Solid grip strength products including the BSTDB Dog Bone, BSTNG Nunchuck Grip. The BSTCB can also be quickly and easily attached to home gyms, cable crossovers and other cable machines.

  • + - Specifications
    3" Diameter
    • Welded steel hook
    • Non slip red matte paint finish
    • Strong nylon strap
    • Sturdy carabiner for added safety, stability and customization
    • Quickly and easily attach to home gym, cable crossovers, cable machines
    Dimensions 3”L x 3”W x 3.8”H
    Product Weight 2.7 lbs. 



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