Economy Olympic EZ Curl Bar

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This Economy Olympic EZ Curl Bar is designed to help build upper arm and forearm muscles by its special angled design.The deep bends in the bar allow the user to perform curl exercises while reducing stress on the wrists. The Economy Olympic EZ Curl Bar achieves this by putting your wrists and elbows in a more natural position compared to standard Olympic bars.

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Economy Olympic EZ Curl Bar
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Weight Plate, Bars & Collars

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    The Economy Olympic EZ Curl Bar features a polished chrome finish and measures 47" in length. The inside of the bar measures 32" and features a knurled texture for added grip. It is designed with 6.5 chrome sleeves—making loading plates on the bar easy for all users.

  • + - Specifications
    Length 32" Long
    Weight 21 lbs.
    Grip Knurled Textured Grip

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