GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine


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The Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine is the ultimate fusion of power, comfort, and safety, designed to help you build an explosive lower body.

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GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine
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Single Station Special Order
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    The Body-Solid GLPH1100 Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine is the ultimate fusion of power, comfort, and safety, designed to help you build an explosive lower body. Its innovative engineering ensures that while you work your quads, glutes, and calves, the machine's smooth operations spare your bones and joints from undue stress. Boasting a quad track roller system, it operates with unrivaled smoothness and ensures even weight distribution.

    Constructed with an extra heavy-duty 2"x 4", 11-gauge steel mainframe, the GLPH1100 provides maximum strength and stability, minimizing torsional flex. The machine features two 4" thick, double-stitched DuraFirm Back and Shoulder pads, specifically contoured to offer maximum support to your lower back and shoulder areas.

    Notably, the GLPH1100 has three user-controlled lockout positions which enhance safety, while also offering different start/stop positions. Its easy-access under-carriage plate load system and Olympic style plate compatibility make it versatile and user-friendly. The machine, with a carriage weight of 60lbs, impressively supports a capacity of 1,000 lbs.

    Additional features include extra-heavy gauge Diamond Plate foot platforms for both Leg Press and Hack Squat positions and footplate dimensions of 16.5L x 20.5"W. This machine, measuring 83"L x 34"W x 56"H, is ideal for both home and commercial use. Note: weight plates are optional.

  • + - Specifications
    ASSEMBLED WEIGHT 340lb / 154.22kg
    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 83.00in / 2,108.20mm
    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 34.00in / 863.60mm
    ASSEMBLED DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 56.00in/1,422.40mm
    PACKAGE 1 DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 31.50in / 800.10mm
    PACKAGE 1 DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 26.38in / 670.05mm
    PACKAGE 1 DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 11.81in / 299.97mm
    PACKAGE 1 VOLUME 5.68 ft3 / 0.16 m3
    PACKAGE 1 GROSS WEIGHT 120.30lb / 54.57kg
    PACKAGE 2 DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 77.95in / 1,979.93mm
    PACKAGE 2 DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 11.81in / 299.97mm
    PACKAGE 2 DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 4.72in / 119.89mm
    PACKAGE 2 VOLUME 2.51 ft3 / 0.07 m3
    PACKAGE 2 GROSS WEIGHT 84.30lb / 38.24kg
    PACKAGE 3 DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 52.76in / 1,340.10mm
    PACKAGE 3 DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 9.06in / 230.12mm
    PACKAGE 3 DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 5.12in / 130.05mm
    PACKAGE 3 VOLUME 1.42 ft3 / 0.04 m3
    PACKAGE 3 GROSS WEIGHT 57.60lb / 26.13kg
    PACKAGE 4 DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 27.95in / 709.93mm
    PACKAGE 4 DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 24.41in / 620.01mm
    PACKAGE 4 DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 4.72in / 119.89mm
    PACKAGE 4 VOLUME 1.86 ft3 / 0.05 m3
    PACKAGE 4 GROSS WEIGHT 49.50lb / 22.45kg
    PACKAGE 5 DIMENSIONS: LENGTH 33.46in / 849.88mm
    PACKAGE 5 DIMENSIONS: WIDTH 22.44in / 569.98mm
    PACKAGE 5 DIMENSIONS: HEIGHT 7.87in / 199.90mm
    PACKAGE 5 VOLUME 3.42 ft3 / 0.10 m3
    PACKAGE 5 GROSS WEIGHT 28.40lb / 12.88kg
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