SPRBCB Bench Clearance Back Bar

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The SPRBCB replaces the rear cross member on your SPR500 Commercial Half Cage to allow benches to slide back further, increasing function and biomechanics. The raised bar SPRBCB allows almost any bench to slide back far enough for fully functional shoulder presses, incline presses, decline presses and more.

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SPRBCB Bench Clearance Back Bar
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Attachments & Options Limited Stock
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Product Details

    • Replaces stock rear cross member on SPR500
    • Allows benches to slide back further
    • Ideal for fully-functional shoulder, incline, decline presses & more
    • Product Weight: 46.2 lbs
    • Dimensions: 42.3”L x7.7”W x9.4”H
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    BODY-SOLID warrants the In-Home Warranty as follows:


    LIFETIME: Frame & Welds
    LIFETIME: Pulleys, Bushings, Bearings, Hardware, Plates, Guide Rods
    LIFETIME: Cables, Upholstery, Grips (Normal Wear)


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