Wood Plyobox 20"x24"x30"

Agility & Speed


Plyometric exercises can play a very key role in your fitness routine. Plyometric exercises are high-impact exercises that focus on the stretch-shortening cycle of your muscles. During the stretch part of the cycle, your muscle lengthens. And during the shortening part, it contracts. Think about what happens when you jump: Your muscles stretch as you jump and shorten as you land.

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Wood Plyobox 20"x24"x30"
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Agility & Speed

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    Our FitWay Plyo Box is a great way to add some plyometric exercise to your routine. These sturdy boxes are great for jumping onto and off of—helping you make the most of that stretch-shortening cycle noted above.

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    Colour Black
    Size (L x W x H) 20" x 24" x 30"
    Weight 47.5 lbs.

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